In this year and age, every one you meet will either have computer at home, has their laptop in their bags, or has their smart phones in their noses. What does this pertain to? Well, to say the least every one of them has adapted to technology’s trend.

So what is it to you, you ask? Well, if you are starting a business then I say, this is a good thing for you. If you are still reluctant about the internet, then you should rethink about it. If these people are all connected to the internet, then it will be a good way to reach them and introduce your business. What you need in order to do that is a professional looking perfect website for your business.


If you think that having a website is just a waste of time, then here are some reasons why you should. Let know what you think after reading this.

It adds credibility.

People nowadays do not trust that easy. Once they hear about a business or if you tell them about it, they won’t believe you right away. The old-fashioned way is that they will ask around. They will ask every one they know if they have heard or even tried that business already. Today, it has gotten much easier, when you tell someone about your business, all they have to do is to check the internet about it and search your business name. So what happens if they search and then your business appears in the first page of their search? Of course they will believe you and they will become your customer.

It saves you money.


Yes, you read that right. Having a website saves you a lot of money. But how can it save me money if it costs so much, you ask? Well, the starting cost of a website really costs much, but if you think of the long term benefits, you’ll be surprised at how much you can save with a website. Once you have set up a website, you will have the greatest benefit of having a forever-advertisement. You will only have to pay the monthly fees of websites which generally costs around $100 or as low as $20. Compare it to having to pay weekly or even daily on newspaper ads, which do not actually guarantee to give you the same amount of people than having a website.

It saves you time.

Apparently, apart from saving you money, having a website also saves you time. How is that possible, you ask? To answer that question, I will give an example. For example, you have an event this coming weekend which you have to cancel because of an emergency. Imagine having an emergency but you still have to go to every publishing companies or newspapers just to cancel the event. You may even have to call all the attendees one by one to tell them that it is cancelled. Whereas, when you have a website, you only have to create an announcement that you are cancelling, then every one in your guest list will be notified. Wouldn’t that be more practical?


Why Do You Need A Website?