Having a website alone is already an essential element that will help raise your business to the next level. The internet has indeed become a breeding ground for entrepreneurs who want to experience a significant growth to their business; however, having a website alone is not enough. Sure there are a lot of benefits in the uprising of this valuable and great technology, but there is still one more, highly important element that you need to have knowledge about – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


What is it?

SEO is a kind of marketing strategy concentrating on the assemblage of several strategies and techniques that enables a particular site gain more traffic from all search engines including Yahoo, Microsoft, and of course, Google.

SEO covers both the creative and technical aspect utilized to raise your site in the higher position in search results along with traffic drive, consequently giving your site an improved ranking in search engines.

If you have a flower shop for instance, it is important that when a user searches for “flower shop nearest my location”, your website must be the top search result, and if not, at least belong in the first page of the search results, to have a great chance that the particular user will engage with your website, thus raising the chance that he will invest with your business as a customer.


What are the benefits of SEO when you use it?


  • Increased targeted traffic: The world will never run out of people who are looking for products and services, but there thousands of businesses out there. SEO makes sure that your website will be exposed to particular potential customers looking for a store specific to your offered services.
  • Cost-effective: Advertising is undeniably costly, giving you a reason to depend on SEO to make you known because it can be free and added options are not that expensive. What’s best is you can do it yourself, given that you already have relevant knowledge about the specific field.
  • Compete with other businesses: SEO gives you equal opportunity with other businesses to showcase your products and services. If you use it right, it gives you the chance to keep with large businesses giving you equal chances to shout your own name.
  • Increase visibility and awareness: SEO gives your business more exposure to the right people. It offers your brand the opportunity to attain top ranks whenever users search for keywords relevant with what they are looking for. Simply put, SEO serves as your ticket to gain new customers and at the same time expand your network and establishing your own group of followers.
  • Build trust and credibility: SEO don’t just serve as a platform to give you high ranks but also has a further effect which is to build trust and credibility to your business. People see Google, for instance, as a reliable search engine and often tend to trust websites that appear first on the results page.
Why Is SEO Important For Your Website?