Rubber Nipple for Bicycle

Bicycle nipple

Over the years, the design has been improved and the wheels over time as in mechanical and velostroenii concluded that the interior space formed between the rim and the tire should be full of air for the suppression of road irregularities during the movement. To implement this idea that it was necessary to find a way to supply air to the chamber created so that after inflation and creating some pressure in the air chamber would not return to the outside. The bicycle nipple was the solution to this problem. In the modern sense, the teat is a connecting tube that is used for the temporary or permanent connection of the pipe to the chamber. It should be noted that the nut of special shapes that will be used for the connection of the spokes on a bicycle tire, also came to be known as a bicycle nipple.

Bicycle nipple are used in many industries, and depending on the purpose, have a different design, but the principle of operation remains the same. It is considered that the bicycle performance versions are Dunlop. This design provided the presence of a rubber tube as a check valve. At the same time, the diameter of the yarn was much smaller than the diameter of the automobiles. In order to pump such a tire, it was necessary to have a special pump. Virtually no cameras with similar nipples for sale.

A popular option is the Presta. It is less automobile and more fragile at the same time. At the same time, you can not use the car pump, but you can buy an adapter. Principle of operation


Principle of operation

Typically, in order to perform its design, the main features are considered, which is provided with a unidirectional valve, which provides the region of the pressure that contains blocking air. The remaining characteristics of the design depend on the characteristics of the bicycle nipple.


Varieties of nipples

The nipples are of the following types: Shrader   or nipple for the car: the most common type of construction to date. In mechanical engineering, it acts as a standard, and other types are rarely used instead. Its distinctive features include the fact that the body diameter is 8 millimeters. Presta   or sports nipple: used on the wheels of modern highways and bicycles with errors. Its diameter is 6 millimeters.

Dunlop   – Rubber tubes, which were previously very common. Despite the fact that they have not been used by motorcycle tire manufacturers, they can still be found in the store. A hole with diameters of 8 millimeters is created under this type of nipple at the edge. Installed previously on all bicycles produced in the USSR.

Each type: To the merits of the type of automobile   It is the fact that it is very common, and this means that you can use virtually any automotive pump to inflate wheels. However, pumps that do not have a clamp can not be used, since there is no locking wheel. The characteristics of the design can be attributed to the presence of a valve, which when released releases all the air. There are also options for execution, which can be completely unscrewed and the air released almost instantaneously. The cover in this case protects the design of the valve against several external influences, but does not affect the integrity.

Nipples for mountain and road bikes.   This design has a locking copper cap, which must first be unscrewed before inflating the tire. Many tires have a high profile, and this requires the use of an elongated version of the nipple. The variant of execution considered is easier, modern and technological, but at the same time fragile. Therefore, a limit for protection should always be used.

Many cycle pumps have adapters that allow you to pump the wheels with Shrader and Presta. In this case, the nipple type has no effect on the type of wheel and its operation.

The two types of nipples considered, Shrader and Presta, are the most common and almost similar in performance. When selecting it, it must be taken into account that if there is a hole in the diameter of the 6 mm rim, you must use Presta.

The Handyman Service Car Hunter – The Professional That Does Everything for Your Car

Thinking about a new car and the thousand plans we have for it is very cool but everything that involves it until it is in the garage of the house can be very annoying.

Buying a car requires research, visiting dealerships, doing multiple test drives – this part is the least annoying of all but takes time. And if it is a used car the list only increases: you must evaluate the conditions of the car, if there are similarly good prices, if the debt was removed, how the documentation and many other things.

If you do not have the time or patience, you can count on the help of a Car Hunter . This professional does everything for you: study your profile to see which car is better, visit several dealerships to find a model that fits your profile and the value you can pay, analyze and run behind all documentation, thoroughly check every detail of the car, including those you didn’t even know you needed to check. A handyman service singapore gets the headache and you only get the dream realized in the garage.

Types of Bicycle Bottom Bracket

The bottom bracket (the famous Bottom Bracket or BB in English) is the set of axle, bearings and various parts that joins the rods and thanks to which we can transform our pedals into a turn that moves the transmission of the bicycle hub. Around this term there is some confusion. For example, in some outlet stores online include in this denomination to set crankset. This is because in many modern systems the BB axis is attached to the right crank (in some to the left), so the set of cranks and plates is included in the bottom bracket concept, since the axle is a fundamental part of the same.
Another fundamental term is the bottom bracket shell (Bottom Bracket Shell) , since it largely determines the type of bottom bracket that we can mount on our bike..

It is a short tube of the box inside which is the bottom bracket, in a different configuration according to the system in question, as we will see later. Traditionally, it has internal threads on both sides to mount it, but it has also been extended for some time also bottomless boltless boxes. Therefore, this will be the first criterion to differentiate bottom bracket systems.


It is the group that most interests the cyclist and the urban cyclist, since it is the one that we will normally meet.

According to the width of the box and type of thread we find bicycle hub in three main standards:

BSC (British Standard Cycle, also called BSA or English standard) , which has become an international ISO standard and is the most common. There are two measurements for the width: 68 mm or 73 mm. The internal diameter is 1.37 “(34.8 ≈ 35 mm), with a thread pitch of 24 threads per inch, 1.06 mm per thread and reverse thread (anti-clockwise tightening) on the right side . There is the possibility of mounting a 73 mm bottom bracket in a 68 mm bottom bracket using spacer washers, but not vice versa.

Italian standard, less popular but still used by certain brands. The bottom bracket shell measures 70 mm wide and 36 mm in diameter, with a thread pitch of 24 threads per inch, 1.06 mm per thread and normal tightening on both sides.


French and Swiss standards. They are old, but I mention them for vintage lovers.

They have 68mm width, 35mm diameter and 1mm thread thread, which in the case of the Swiss is reverse on the right side.

There are basically two systems or configurations within the threaded bottom brackets in terms of the shaft / bearings assembly. Systems where the bearings go inside the bottom bracket and systems where the bearings go in external cups.

A) Systems with internal bearings (the oldest but still extended)

1- The old pedals that can be disassembled completely. That is, by means of a specific wrench we can loosen the counter-nut and nuts to extract all the parts (cups, bearings and shaft). To dismantle it does not have much mystery since it is a typical system of anti-nuts, cone nuts or cups, loose bearings or in bearings and shaft. It can be done to perform a maintenance (greased) as they are not perfectly tight or to replace damaged parts.

2- Pedaliera of “cuadradillo”. A name not very technical for the most widespread system of recent decades, falling into disuse but still frequent in low and medium ranges. They are long-lived and there are good quality. The axle / bearings assembly is included in a watertight cartridge, from which the ends of the axle that have a quadrangular shape protrude, hence the name. eye! There are two standards of squared according to their exact form: ISO and JIS . ISO is often used by European manufacturers. The square has a width of 12.5 mm. The JIS, Japanese standard of brands such as Shimano, has a width of 12.63 mm. The difference is negligible, but enough to generate possible compatibility problems with the connecting rods. It is possible to mount cranks for ISO bottoms on a JIS bottom bracket, but not the other way around, because even if the slack is laughable it will end up giving problems.

An advantage of this system is that we can play extensively with the chain line since there is a wide range of shaft length measurements (113mm is a very common one). For its price, universality and variety, it is a pedal that every cyclist must know.

3- Other systems with internal bearings mounted on a cartridge but that are no longer used are Isis and Octalink. Basically, they are evolutions of the previous system with an axis of greater diameter and the ends with different number of grooves or grooves, what increases the solidity of the union of the crank with the axis. Octalink (Shimano, with two different versions depending on the depth of the slots) was more successful than Isis.

4- The novelty introduced by Shimano to remove the bearings out of the bottom bracket box joined the other manufacturers (BSA, Truvativ, Campagnolo) by different standards with different names and that differ in the diameter of the shaft and the shape and number of end grooves where the connecting rod (which can be the right or the left) joins. I do not enter this jungle, in the network you can deepen easily.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Stimulate Movement

We all know that it is very important to do some physical exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Yet this still comes in handy for many people. Especially for older people or disabled people it is difficult to move a lot. The outdoor fitness equipment offers a solution! These Outdoor Fitness Equipment Singapore can easily be placed, for example, at a care center. Employees or family members can then take the seniors outside to practice! Our handsets are handmade and are not only good for your muscles and bones, but also stimulate your senses.


Outdoor fitness equipment for young and old

The youth too is moving too little nowadays. The Fitness Garden not only offers outdoor fitness equipment singapore for people aged 65 but for everyone! As a municipality you can build public fitness gardens, where people can move freely on fitness equipment. In addition, fitness gardens are also nice meeting places. Also help and make your town more sportive!


Extensive series of devices for 65 and over

In summary, De Fitnesstuin offers four series of devices:

The 14+ series for young people, adults and even fit older people;

The comprehensive series for 65+ dementia and the disabled;

Circuits: linked devices in stainless steel for young and old;

EXPERIENCE: a series of experience tools that stimulate senses for (demented) elderly people and people with intellectual disabilities.


Outdoor Fitness? What is it and how do you do it (good)?

Not more beautiful than exercising in the open air. Spring is coming and that is noticeable. The parks become busier with recreationalists, including, of course, the runners and cyclists.

People who want to workout will unfortunately have to do their exercises in most cases. Very sorry if you ask me.

On a nice day, fitness in the open air could also be very good. You can use practically everything in the public space when doing outdoor fitness equipment singapore.

It is also free , so as a real Dutchman you have to get excited about this.


What is outdoor fitness?

What should you think of when exercising outdoors. It can be done in many ways. So you can print on benches, pull up on playgrounds in the playground or for example go to the forest and do exercises with a tree trunk.

You can also approach it differently, because there is also a more ‘organized’ form of outdoor fitness equipment singapore. This is when you exercise at specially designed locations in the open air . Unfortunately, in the Netherlands it just does not work.

Please note , to immediately discover the best tips for muscularity within a short period of time, check out the Muscular God ebook .


Outdoor fitness in the Netherlands?

Just think about it. Have you ever seen a park or place where people can work out in the open air (and then I’m not talking about cardio), not me in any case. Why is it not yet customary in the Netherlands?

Outdoor fitness may not be known to the general public in the Netherlands, but in a country like China outdoor fitness equipment singapore is very common.

It is a low-threshold, free and free form of outdoor sports where young and old can be physically active throughout the year (mainly in the spring and summer) and possibly work together with others on the general condition and fitness.

Take action!

Today we are dealing with a government that would like to see its inhabitants go to work and live healthier. Many neighborhoods are being refurbished and there are places to recreate.

Why is there so little looked at creating outdoor fitness locations. There are companies that build special durable and safe fitness equipment .

With these devices you can create a ‘playground’ in the open air. A place that is free for everyone to use and that is resistant to the weather and of course vandalism.

Would you like to have a location in your municipality to be able to exercise outdoors, then I advise you to contact someone from the municipality. You may not have much influence on your own, but together you are strong.

Start with an outdoor fitness club with friends and acquaintances . What you can also do is join a club like that, because there are already a number in the Netherlands.

Search it on the internet. Maybe there is one in your area or you can ensure that one comes.


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Cyclist on Bike: Characteristics of The Rear Wheel

The rear bike wheel is an inseparable part of the bike transmission since it is connected to the pedal by the bike chain. It consists of a rim, a Bicycle Hub and spokes. It is equipped with a hub wider than the front wheel, since the latter contains a space dedicated to the gears to hold the chain and change the speed of the bike.

The types of bicycle hub

Around the axis of the bicycle hub of the rear wheel, are the body of the hub which has flanges, large or small, on which attach the spokes. And in the part called the bowl, steel or ceramic ball bearings blocked by cones that allow the body of the hub to rotate around the axis.

Disassembly and maintenance of the hub is done using a flat key for hub cones and professional grease as you can see on this video of the maintenance and adjustment of a traditional hub:

Some hubs also have a space with 6 threaded holes to accommodate a brake disc such as this Shimano Disc Brake MTB Rear Wheel.

Bike wheel hub for threaded holes

  1. The freewheel

The free wheel is the basic transmission system present on most old bikes and children’s bikes. It is screwed on the bicycle hub with a thread which is called a freewheel body. It is an assembly of integral gables of one another forming a single block.


  • Single-speed freewheeling the single-speed

freewheel is the simplest of the transmission systems, since it only contains one speed. Mainly used on children’s bikes and BMX, it is however more and more present on fixie and city bikes because it requires much less maintenance than a bike with a complete transmission.


The single-speed bike has the advantage of being lighter and also ensures the absence of twisting of the chain by a chain line that can be adjusted to the millimeter in order to obtain the most efficient transmission. Mono-speed bikes are also less noisy. The freewheel is composed of a body accommodating ball bearings and a set of teeth in several sizes:


  •        Freewheel pinion 16 teeth
  •        Freewheel sprocket 17 teeth
  •        Freewheel sprocket 18 teeth
  •        Freewheel gear 20 teeth
  •        pinion freewheel bicycle one speed
  •        The freewheel from 3 to 8 speeds

The freewheel system comes in several versions:

  •        3 speeds freewheel
  •        5 speeds freewheel
  •        6 speeds freewheel for bike
  •        7 speed bikes freewheel
  •        8 speeds freewheel

The advantage, when mounting this system on its transmission, is that it is a single block. It is not necessary to mount the gears one by one. It should be known that the lengths of axes and threads are not identical on the wheels. For example, a wheel for freewheeling 3 speeds can not necessarily accommodate a freewheel 7 or speeds.

Tool to dismount freewheel bicycle

It will also require the chain whip to lock the gears during disassembly. The free wheel with handle can also be practical if the wheel has a quick tightening, this tool is equipped with a guide to facilitate disassembly.

  1. The cassette

Cassette for bicycle stacking sprockets

The cassette bicycle hub differs from the freewheel by its sprocket stacking system. It has a splined shaft integral with the rear wheel called cassette body. This type of hub is found on the majority of modern racing bikes. The advantage over the freewheel is that its stiffness on the axis of the wheel allows to have a larger number of gears (up to 12 speeds for some mountain bikes). On some cassettes, you can change the gears one by one, when they wear out or you want to change the toothing or staging speeds.

  1. The bicycle hub with integrated speeds

More and more, we find, especially on city bikes, transmissions where the speeds are integrated in the rear hub. Especially present on electric bicycles, folding bikes, and self-service bikes, the integrated gear hub has many advantages over a conventional transmission. The first being the possibility to change gears when stopped. But also, because the shifting is done inside the case, it allows not to derail, to avoid rapid wear and corrosion. Speeds are also much smoother than on an external derailleur.

This type of transmission comes in several versions with a number of different speeds, it is also popular among user’s coaster wheel.

  1. Coaster hub

The coaster hub incorporates a brake that allows braking by pedaling back with a drum brake.

The brake is inside the bicycle hub and allows you to avoid using your hands to brake. This system has the advantage of being particularly reliable, its service life is very long, and does not require any specific maintenance. The mechanism being inside the hub, it is protected from bad weather. Braking is also more powerful because the force exerted by the foot is greater than that of the hands.

Mounting is done with a coaster collar for a coaster wheel mounted on the hub rod that attaches to the bike frame at the rear base. It has the advantage, compared to the pad brakes, to have no cabling up to the handlebars.

  1. The “flip flop” wheel

The 2000s saw the arrival of a new type of hub, used by the couriers: it is that of track bikes where the pinion is secured to the rear wheel. It is called fixed gear. It allows pedaling forward and backward but cannot stop pedaling as with a conventional freewheel. This type of hub has become very popular, because the bikes become completely refined, some even without brakes.

The hub consists of a clockwise thread on which a fixed gear is screwed and a second anti-clockwise thread on which is screwed a lock nut which prevents the pinions from unscrewing.

This type of hub is now available in multiple versions. There are double-threaded hubs called fixed / fixed to be able to put two gears of different sizes to have a different development and hubs with a double-threaded side for fixed gear and nut and the other with a single thread for a wheel free classic. This wheel is called flip flop. Simply turn the wheel to go from freewheel to fixed gear or vice versa. It is recommended for this type of wheel not to take into account the direction of tire rolling.

Examples of flip flop wheel:

White fixie wheel

Pair of black flip flop bike wheels

Pair of orange flip flop wheels

Front and rear blue flip flop bike wheels

Pair of green flip flop wheels

Choosing a suitable rear wheel hub for cycling, whether urban or rural, daily or occasional and depending on the environment is a key element of the cyclist’s comfort. The single-speed freewheel, coaster and integrated speed hub will be more suitable for urban and occasional practice while the freewheels and cassettes at high speeds will be more suitable for a so-called “sports” practice of the bicycle.


Birth is a beautiful but challenging adventure for both the child and the young mother, as well as physically and emotionally. After delivery, and during the next 40 days, it will be necessary and advisable to take a lot of rest, to regain strength, to adjust to the rhythm of the baby, to avoid physical effort, emotions too intense … Postnatal Massage Service Singapore after childbirth stimulates, pacifies and harmonizes, it promotes a good recovery of the young mother and helps the woman to find her body. It gently relaxes and purifies the body for a gradual recovery. A particular attention and a precise work, intended to restore the energetic balance of the body, will be done on the belly. In order to give life, the woman opens up, both physically and symbolically,

Some benefits of the treatment:

– promotes the regression of the uterus,

– firms skin and tissues,

– stimulates milk production,

– activates metabolism,

– provides affection,

– prevents postpartum depression.

– balance and soothes

– activates the energy circulation in the body.

This treatment will also be accompanied by a foot postnatal massage service singapore with a Kansu energy bowl and Ghee with multiple virtues, particularly adapted to promote the release and allow a replacement of organs progressively.

The benefits:

  •        reduces nervousness,
  •        promotes a good recovery of the young mother after childbirth,
  •        cleans the body,
  •        promotes the restoration of organs,
  •        activates the energetic circulation of the body,
  •        stimulates and strengthens the liver,
  •        acts on the reflex zones of the foot connected to the organs of the human body.

Some examples of the many virtues of Ghee:

  •        strengthens the immune system
  •        increases memory, concentration, intelligence
  •        promotes lubrication of connective tissues (joint stiffness, arthritis …)
  •        soothes the nervous and digestive system
  •        promotes the absorption of medicinal plants in the body
  •        strengthens the kidneys and the brain


  •        The treatment will last about 1:15 but provide 2 hours of presence.
  •        I use vegetable oils, which will be more or less heated according to Doshas.
  •        This care is advised as soon as possible after delivery.
  •        NB: The first month, I travel to your home without traveling expenses.
  •        The postnatal massage service singapore is adapted and personalized according to the needs of each young mother.

What’s the point of a bike rim?

The Bike Rim bottom is an essential piece in the assembly of a tire and a bicycle inner tube . It ensures the protection of the chamber from contact with the rim. It avoids that the inflated pressure chamber is pierced against the spoke heads of the wheel.


However, we often have questions about rim funds: is it essential to put a rim bottom? How to choose the best bike rim background? We are trying today to give some answers to these questions.


What are the criteria for choosing a bike rim?

The bottom of the rim must be of a good width, in adequacy with the hollow of the rim of the wheel of the bicycle. Too wide, it will tend to come out of the throat. Too narrow, it will not properly cover the bottom of the rim. The chamber with the pressure will be able to penetrate to the heads of spokes.


What are the different types of bike rim?

There are two major families of products:

The sticker rim

The high pressure rim plastic

The sticker is easy to put on. In addition, it is simple to take the right diameter. A rim sticker is delivered in linear. The tape is unwound as you go. When the revolution of the rim is reached, we cut. Very practical to put, it is less easy to go out.


A plastic rim background requires more dexterity for its implementation. Nevertheless, it is the most used model. It exists in all widths, which is not the case for self-adhesive models.


Change the bike rim bottom: why?

A bike rim bottom is subject to extreme conditions. It undergoes the heating of the bearing, the pressure of the chamber and the braking deceleration constraints. Even if you do not see it, it wears out. Cyclable recommends changing the bottom of the rim at the same time as your bicycle tire .


With the new puncture protection technologies, it is more likely to die by internal pinching of the chamber than by external perforation. A bike rim of bad size or worn rim can be the cause.


What use for bike rim funds?

The rim base is available as an inner tube version and Tubeless version as a tubeless tire fitting. Tubeless versions are only needed for combination with tubeless or tubeless tires. This technology is present today mainly on MTB and racing bikes.

How To Create A Business Plan

If you are starting to start a business, you will be living in your own skin what every businessman says: “the beginnings were hard”. In addition to being aware of your activity, you have to attend to a number of organization and management details that you have never faced before. A business plan helps you to take distance, evaluate what you have done and know where you are going.