We all know that it is very important to do some physical exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Yet this still comes in handy for many people. Especially for older people or disabled people it is difficult to move a lot. The outdoor fitness equipment offers a solution! These Outdoor Fitness Equipment Singapore can easily be placed, for example, at a care center. Employees or family members can then take the seniors outside to practice! Our handsets are handmade and are not only good for your muscles and bones, but also stimulate your senses.


Outdoor fitness equipment for young and old

The youth too is moving too little nowadays. The Fitness Garden not only offers outdoor fitness equipment singapore for people aged 65 but for everyone! As a municipality you can build public fitness gardens, where people can move freely on fitness equipment. In addition, fitness gardens are also nice meeting places. Also help and make your town more sportive!


Extensive series of devices for 65 and over

In summary, De Fitnesstuin offers four series of devices:

The 14+ series for young people, adults and even fit older people;

The comprehensive series for 65+ dementia and the disabled;

Circuits: linked devices in stainless steel for young and old;

EXPERIENCE: a series of experience tools that stimulate senses for (demented) elderly people and people with intellectual disabilities.


Outdoor Fitness? What is it and how do you do it (good)?

Not more beautiful than exercising in the open air. Spring is coming and that is noticeable. The parks become busier with recreationalists, including, of course, the runners and cyclists.

People who want to workout will unfortunately have to do their exercises in most cases. Very sorry if you ask me.

On a nice day, fitness in the open air could also be very good. You can use practically everything in the public space when doing outdoor fitness equipment singapore.

It is also free , so as a real Dutchman you have to get excited about this.


What is outdoor fitness?

What should you think of when exercising outdoors. It can be done in many ways. So you can print on benches, pull up on playgrounds in the playground or for example go to the forest and do exercises with a tree trunk.

You can also approach it differently, because there is also a more ‘organized’ form of outdoor fitness equipment singapore. This is when you exercise at specially designed locations in the open air . Unfortunately, in the Netherlands it just does not work.

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Outdoor fitness in the Netherlands?

Just think about it. Have you ever seen a park or place where people can work out in the open air (and then I’m not talking about cardio), not me in any case. Why is it not yet customary in the Netherlands?

Outdoor fitness may not be known to the general public in the Netherlands, but in a country like China outdoor fitness equipment singapore is very common.

It is a low-threshold, free and free form of outdoor sports where young and old can be physically active throughout the year (mainly in the spring and summer) and possibly work together with others on the general condition and fitness.

Take action!

Today we are dealing with a government that would like to see its inhabitants go to work and live healthier. Many neighborhoods are being refurbished and there are places to recreate.

Why is there so little looked at creating outdoor fitness locations. There are companies that build special durable and safe fitness equipment .

With these devices you can create a ‘playground’ in the open air. A place that is free for everyone to use and that is resistant to the weather and of course vandalism.

Would you like to have a location in your municipality to be able to exercise outdoors, then I advise you to contact someone from the municipality. You may not have much influence on your own, but together you are strong.

Start with an outdoor fitness club with friends and acquaintances . What you can also do is join a club like that, because there are already a number in the Netherlands.

Search it on the internet. Maybe there is one in your area or you can ensure that one comes.


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Outdoor Fitness Equipment Stimulate Movement