Birth is a beautiful but challenging adventure for both the child and the young mother, as well as physically and emotionally. After delivery, and during the next 40 days, it will be necessary and advisable to take a lot of rest, to regain strength, to adjust to the rhythm of the baby, to avoid physical effort, emotions too intense … Postnatal Massage Service Singapore after childbirth stimulates, pacifies and harmonizes, it promotes a good recovery of the young mother and helps the woman to find her body. It gently relaxes and purifies the body for a gradual recovery. A particular attention and a precise work, intended to restore the energetic balance of the body, will be done on the belly. In order to give life, the woman opens up, both physically and symbolically,

Some benefits of the treatment:

– promotes the regression of the uterus,

– firms skin and tissues,

– stimulates milk production,

– activates metabolism,

– provides affection,

– prevents postpartum depression.

– balance and soothes

– activates the energy circulation in the body.

This treatment will also be accompanied by a foot postnatal massage service singapore with a Kansu energy bowl and Ghee with multiple virtues, particularly adapted to promote the release and allow a replacement of organs progressively.

The benefits:

  •        reduces nervousness,
  •        promotes a good recovery of the young mother after childbirth,
  •        cleans the body,
  •        promotes the restoration of organs,
  •        activates the energetic circulation of the body,
  •        stimulates and strengthens the liver,
  •        acts on the reflex zones of the foot connected to the organs of the human body.

Some examples of the many virtues of Ghee:

  •        strengthens the immune system
  •        increases memory, concentration, intelligence
  •        promotes lubrication of connective tissues (joint stiffness, arthritis …)
  •        soothes the nervous and digestive system
  •        promotes the absorption of medicinal plants in the body
  •        strengthens the kidneys and the brain


  •        The treatment will last about 1:15 but provide 2 hours of presence.
  •        I use vegetable oils, which will be more or less heated according to Doshas.
  •        This care is advised as soon as possible after delivery.
  •        NB: The first month, I travel to your home without traveling expenses.
  •        The postnatal massage service singapore is adapted and personalized according to the needs of each young mother.