Bicycle nipple

Over the years, the design has been improved and the wheels over time as in mechanical and velostroenii concluded that the interior space formed between the rim and the tire should be full of air for the suppression of road irregularities during the movement. To implement this idea that it was necessary to find a way to supply air to the chamber created so that after inflation and creating some pressure in the air chamber would not return to the outside. The bicycle nipple was the solution to this problem. In the modern sense, the teat is a connecting tube that is used for the temporary or permanent connection of the pipe to the chamber. It should be noted that the nut of special shapes that will be used for the connection of the spokes on a bicycle tire, also came to be known as a bicycle nipple.

Bicycle nipple are used in many industries, and depending on the purpose, have a different design, but the principle of operation remains the same. It is considered that the bicycle performance versions are Dunlop. This design provided the presence of a rubber tube as a check valve. At the same time, the diameter of the yarn was much smaller than the diameter of the automobiles. In order to pump such a tire, it was necessary to have a special pump. Virtually no cameras with similar nipples for sale.

A popular option is the Presta. It is less automobile and more fragile at the same time. At the same time, you can not use the car pump, but you can buy an adapter. Principle of operation


Principle of operation

Typically, in order to perform its design, the main features are considered, which is provided with a unidirectional valve, which provides the region of the pressure that contains blocking air. The remaining characteristics of the design depend on the characteristics of the bicycle nipple.


Varieties of nipples

The nipples are of the following types: Shrader   or nipple for the car: the most common type of construction to date. In mechanical engineering, it acts as a standard, and other types are rarely used instead. Its distinctive features include the fact that the body diameter is 8 millimeters. Presta   or sports nipple: used on the wheels of modern highways and bicycles with errors. Its diameter is 6 millimeters.

Dunlop   – Rubber tubes, which were previously very common. Despite the fact that they have not been used by motorcycle tire manufacturers, they can still be found in the store. A hole with diameters of 8 millimeters is created under this type of nipple at the edge. Installed previously on all bicycles produced in the USSR.

Each type: To the merits of the type of automobile   It is the fact that it is very common, and this means that you can use virtually any automotive pump to inflate wheels. However, pumps that do not have a clamp can not be used, since there is no locking wheel. The characteristics of the design can be attributed to the presence of a valve, which when released releases all the air. There are also options for execution, which can be completely unscrewed and the air released almost instantaneously. The cover in this case protects the design of the valve against several external influences, but does not affect the integrity.

Nipples for mountain and road bikes.   This design has a locking copper cap, which must first be unscrewed before inflating the tire. Many tires have a high profile, and this requires the use of an elongated version of the nipple. The variant of execution considered is easier, modern and technological, but at the same time fragile. Therefore, a limit for protection should always be used.

Many cycle pumps have adapters that allow you to pump the wheels with Shrader and Presta. In this case, the nipple type has no effect on the type of wheel and its operation.

The two types of nipples considered, Shrader and Presta, are the most common and almost similar in performance. When selecting it, it must be taken into account that if there is a hole in the diameter of the 6 mm rim, you must use Presta.

Rubber Nipple for Bicycle